Item Detail : Iksar Skeleton (Warlock)

Item nameIksar Skeleton (Warlock)
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Reward from Quest(s)No quests offer this item as a reward
RecipesNo recipes create this item
Looted/collected fromDarklight Wood : the corpse of a fractured lyricist
Darklight Wood : the corpse of a gnawed scrapper
Deathfist Citadel: Onslaught : the corpse of a flesh stripped prisoner
Great Divide : the corpse of a lesser shadowbone skeleton
Nektulos Forest : the corpse of a Gul'Thex mystic
Nektulos Forest : the corpse of a calcified skeleton
The Poets Palace: Return : the corpse of remains of a failed raider
The Stonebrunt Highlands : the corpse of a skeletal blightstalker
The Sundered Frontier : the corpse of a fallen erudite battlemage
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